Since your boat lift in Palm Beach Gardens works to protect your vessel, you’ll want to keep it in tip-top shape. You’ll also want it to last for as long as possible if you ever need to upgrade it at some point. Ensuring proper care and maintenance protects your lift system from damage, repairs, and replacements. Knowing the factors affecting your boat lift’s lifespan will help you do just that. 

Learn how to maintain Boat Lift Palm Beach Gardens

Factors Affecting Your Boat Lift’s Lifespan


Boat lift systems usually come with stainless steel cables that require lubrication. You’ll want to reduce abrasion by regularly applying penetrating oil or chain and cable fluid to your cables.  

Avoid using grease lubricant because this ingredient traps moisture inside your cable strands. However, grease works best for other boat lift components and pulleys. While you’re lubricating the cables, pulleys, and other parts of your boat lift system, you’ll want to check for signs of damage that may require repairs, replacements, or adjustments. 


You’ll want to stay within the boat lift manufacturer’s set specifications. For example, lifting a vessel with the wrong hull design, adding more weight to it while it’s on the lift, or letting people stand on your boat lift may cause considerable damage. Besides ensuring proper weight distribution when lifting, removing the plug from your boat while it’s on the hoist is best to prevent it from collecting rainwater. 

Sheave Alignment

Keeping an eye on sheave alignment allows you to steer clear of uneven wear that can shorten your cable lifespans and affect your lift system. For this reason, it’s best to include sheave alignment in your routine inspections. While at it, inspect your winder, drum, and spool.  

Signs of backlashing cables, slack, and other boat lift issues should prompt you to adjust your cables. Don’t hesitate to contact a professional if unsure of the alignment. 


If you’re a seasonal boater, you’re probably aware of how off-season storage can impact your boat lift’s lifespan. For this reason, storing your boat with the cradle or platform up is best for hydraulic hoist systems.  

Furthermore, experts recommend removing a power hoist’s battery and storing it inside a small piece of wood. Besides ensuring proper storage for dock decking and frames, you’ll want to mark these items if you’re keeping them outside to avoid accidents. 

Water-Related Damage

Water-related damage can negatively impact boat docks and lifts when these systems are installed in saltwater. Aside from causing damage to lift beams, cradles, bunks, and gearboxes, direct contact with saltwater can also cause your lift’s cables and metal components to rust and corrode. Protect your boat lift by keeping it out of the water as much as possible. Additionally, you’ll want to rinse it with fresh water after each use and grind off small traces of rust.  

Learn how to maintain Boat Lift Palm Beach Gardens

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