Boats are meant to be in the water. However, when you’re not using it, you must take it out of the water to protect the vessel and maintain its value. This is where a boat lift in West Palm Beach can come in handy.

Boat lifts are devices used to lift boats out of water when they’re not in use. They come in different forms, depending on the boat’s weight and specifications. However, if you want to get the most out of your investment, you should avoid making the most common mistakes that can wreak havoc on your brand-new boat lift system.

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Avoid These Mistakes When Using a Boat Lift! 

Exceeding the Recommended Weight Capacity

Engineers and manufacturers carefully designed boat lifts for specific weight capacities. They have specifically mentioned the maximum weight capacities in their manuals, so users know how heavy their boat needs to be able to use the lift.

Underestimating your boat’s weight can lead to boat lift malfunction, shortening its lifespan. It’s worth noting that you have other supplies stored in your boat (e.g., furniture, fuel, water, etc.), so considering the boat’s weight alone (without the added supplies) may lead to inaccurate estimates.

Exceeding the recommended weight capacity can cause the lift and its structures to malfunction. When buying a boat lift, consider all the factors that affect the boat’s weight, such as supplies, fuel, equipment, passengers, and others. A good rule of thumb is adding 20% to your boat’s ‘dry’ weight.

Poor Watercraft Positioning

Manufacturers assume that when you’re using the boat lift, your boat will be balanced once placed on it. For the lift to function optimally, you must ensure it’s balanced front to back and side to side.

Boats positioned too far back or front or too far to the left or right can create an uneven weight distribution on the lift. One side of the lift can be too light, while the other could be too heavy. There could be too much strain on the structures on the heavier side, creating an imbalance, and possibly damaging the cables and wires.

Not Knowing the Maximum Lifting Height

Boat lifts also have a maximum lifting height. While other lifts automatically stop once you’ve reached the highest point, others will let you continue lifting even if you’ve reached the maximum height.

Be very careful when lifting your boat using the boat lift. Going past the maximum height could damage the cables, pulleys, and other boat lift structures. If left unaddressed, this could lead to the boat lift breaking down altogether, possibly damaging your boat.

Poor Boat Loading Practices

It might seem easier to load stuff on the boat while it’s on the lift. But loading it when it’s not on water is more damaging. It’s worth noting that anything added to the boat while on the lift can also increase its weight. You risk overloading the boat and putting more strain on the lift.

Do not add anything to the boat as much as possible until it’s on the water. Not only will this protect your boat lift, but it will also help you determine the best place to put your stuff in to maintain the balance in the watercraft once you’re in the water.

Poor Boat Lift Maintenance

Your boat lift structures like cables, wires, pulleys, and others are susceptible to damage. Check the boat lift structures regularly, as this will allow you to spot damages before they become more extensive (and expensive).

If your boat lift is mainly made of stainless steel, you might have to lubricate it regularly to reduce friction. Check the cables and wires regularly for cable-driven boat lifts and look for any signs of wear and tear.

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Where to Find a Top-Quality Boat Lift in West Palm Beach

Hurricane Boat Lifts offer only the best, and most affordable boat lifts possible. Whether you’re looking for a small craft lift or a bigger lift for large yachts, you can find the best one from our wide range of options.

If you’re unsure which one is best for your boat, our team of experts can help you and discuss the different available products. Give us a call, and we’ll have one of our consultants assist you in choosing the right boat lift based on your needs.