Hurricane Boat Lifts is guided by one simple principle: to design and build the highest quality, most attractive boat lifts at affordable prices.

Which Lift is for You?

We manufacture a wide variety of lifts. Whether you are on a lake, canal, intracoastal, shallow or deep water, we have a lift that will suit your needs. At Hurricane Boat Lifts we create a boating experience that is easy and hassle-free. Choose from 8 different categories of lifts. If you are in need of a custom lift, feel free to contact us and we will design a lift just for you.

Our Products

Small Craft Lift Systems

Beamless Lift Systems

Elevator Lift Systems

Platform Lift Systems

Cradle Lift Systems

Yacht Lift Systems

Hurricane Boat Lifts brings you the FUTURE of boat lifts today.

Hurricane machinists’ craftsmanship and attention to detail give you nothing less than a masterpiece. Welcome to the excellence of Hurricane Boat Lifts.

We MANUFACTURE every aluminum part that we put into our lifts. One look at a Hurricane Boat Lift and you will see the QUALITY, PRECISION and PRIDE put into every lift we build.

Value-Added Products

Save time with our easy-to-install, pre-wrapped all-aluminum and steel shipments and our quick delivery options. Save money buying directly from the manufacturer keeps more of your dollars in your pocket! Save stress: pre-wound cables, our anti-kinking cable-stop, and the pre-wrapped installation-ready shipment make the installer’s job a snap!

You Made the Investment, Now Enjoy the Water

Let our friendly and accessible sales staff walk you through your boat lift investment. We guarantee that we will strive to meet your needs quickly, efficiently, and completely. Give us a call today toll-free at (888) 847-3625 to get started.