Any boat owner who prioritizes boat safety and quality should be in the market for a boat lift in Cape Coral. Besides making maintenance more convenient, a reliable lift system protects your vessel’s value in the long run. However, deciding that you need this device to secure your boat above water is one thing. Figuring out which boat lift material to choose is another. 

If you’re looking to install a boat lift system on your waterfront property, you’ll want to consider aluminum boat lift construction. We’re here to give you the lowdown on the biggest reasons why marine-grade aluminum is every boater’s choice material for boat lifts. 

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What You May Not Know About Aluminum Boat Lift Systems

What Exactly Is Marine-Grade Aluminum?

In essence, aluminum is a soft and malleable silvery-white, lightweight metal. Due to its inherent properties, aluminum is widely used in various industries, including the military, automotive manufacturing, aerospace, construction, and marine. Although pure aluminum has a higher natural corrosion resistance than other metals, constant exposure to moisture and water in marine applications warrants additional protection.  

For this reason, aluminum is alloyed with other metals such as magnesium and silicon to increase its level of corrosion resistance and its ability to withstand constant contact with wet environments. The specially-treated aluminum alloys that result from this treatment process are collectively called marine-grade aluminum. Moreover, marine-grade aluminum is typically used in structural shipbuilding, offshore structural applications, docks, and boat lift systems. 

Top Reasons Why Marine-Grade Aluminum is an Excellent Material for Boat Lift Systems

Boat lift designers and manufacturers who are proactive about corrosion control and concerned about avoiding maintenance and safety issues prefer using marine-grade aluminum. Here are some of the reasons why aluminum boat lifts are the right choice for boating enthusiasts: 

  • Proven Track Record 

NASA uses aluminum to produce various spacecraft components. Moreover, the U.S. military uses it for ammunition, armored vehicles, body armor, and structural components for aircraft. If aluminum is proven in battle, it should be strong enough to keep your boat safe.  

  • Lightweight Construction 

Did you know that aluminum is around 1/3 the weight of steel? Since aluminum is much lighter than other metals of comparative strength, an aluminum boat lift puts less strain on the pulleys, gears, cables, mechanisms, and other hardware related to boat lift construction. As a result, aluminum boat lift systems offer ease of maintenance and fewer associated upkeep costs.  

  • Strength and Durability 

Thanks to its weight advantage, aluminum boat lifts are made stronger without significantly weighing the system down. Additionally, marine-grade aluminum alloys can handle 72,000 lbs. per square inch. Since an aluminum boat lift can withstand load pressure, it can handle your boat’s weight. 

Although you may occasionally have to replace the pulley or cable, an aluminum boat lift typically lasts more than 30 years. Unlike steel boat lifts, marine-grade aluminum boat lift systems are highly resistant to corrosion. For this reason, they stand the test of time without draining your finances or compromising your boat’s safety. 

  • Saltwater Submersion 

If you think that marine-grade aluminum boat lifts are vulnerable to salt water erosion, think again. These systems can withstand repeated submersions into saltwater without needing replacements. 

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Looking for a High-Quality Boat Lift in Cape Coral?

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