If you own a boat lift in Jupiter, you may wonder how proactive you need to be to keep your investment in tip-top shape. While preventive maintenance plays a significant role in your boat lift’s performance, its motor may still experience mechanical or electrical issues that keep you from relaxing and enjoying your time on the water.

When your motor isn’t working as it should, you’ll want to focus on several details to help you narrow down where to find the problem. For instance, issues with the electrical system may immediately arise when the installation process isn’t done right.

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What Are the Possible Causes of Common Boat Lift Motor Issues?

The Motor Doesn’t Start

A motor that doesn’t start may indicate a problem with a switch, a bad start capacitor, or the power supply.

The Motor Runs When You Move it Manually

You could be looking at a faulty start capacitor if the motor runs when you move it by hand.

The Motor Produces Weird Noises

Screeching noise from the motor may point to a lubrication issue, and a humming noise may indicate a problem with a bad start capacitor or a dirty centrifugal switch that’s not engaging.

The Boat Lift Stalls When It Clears the Water

Your vessel might be overloaded if the boat lift stalls when it clears the water. Other possible reasons include low voltage and a lack of grease that’s making your lift bind.

The Boat Lift Operates in One Direction and Not In the Other

A bad drum switch, improper wiring, loose connection on one side, or corrosion can cause your lift to operate in one direction but not in the other.

What You Can Do to Fix Mechanical Problems

Improper hoist installation, lack of maintenance, and normal wear and tear can lead to mechanical problems that impact your boat lift motor. In such cases, you’ll want to inspect the motor installation and your lift system’s moving parts, such as the flat plate and hoist.

If the plate installation isn’t done right, the plate can flex and cause the gears to wear prematurely. If left unaddressed, this problem can lessen your boat lift system’s years of service as it places additional stress on your motor.

What You Can Do to Correct Electrical Problems

Your boat lift’s motor may experience electrical issues due to damaged wiring from corroding mechanical parts and constant exposure to the elements. When your motor doesn’t start, you’ll want to check the power supply to see if the circuit breakers are intact and if the outlet powers other devices. It’s best to contact a professional to examine the wiring system if the power seems to be working.

However, if your motor starts but fails to move, you may have an issue with the switch, wiring, or capacitor. Again, the humming sound strongly indicates a faulty centrifugal switch or start capacitor. Replacing the capacitor with a higher voltage should solve this problem. If you’re unsure how to test or repair your lift system’s components, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

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