Besides saving time and hassle, installing a boat lift in Marathon helps ensure your vessel stays in great shape. What could be better than adding a boat lift system to your dock? The answer is simple – cool accessories! We’ve compiled the most popular ones that could create a more convenient boating experience.

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Top Boat Lift Accessories to Make Your Boat Life Easier


While getting your vessel safely onto your lift system can be challenging in the best situations, complicating factors, including choppy water and bad weather, can worsen things. Luckily, guide-ins can help you save time and trouble by making it easier for you to get your boat on the lift without causing damage to both in the process.

Hull Supports

If you want to ensure that your vessel gets optimal support while on your lift system, get yourself some hull supports. Since these items come in different categories, you should quickly find a perfect fit. These categories include cradles, full-length bunks, and pontoon bunks. 

Cradles, also called cradle pad pivot bunks, consist of pairs of pads that support and stabilize your boat’s hull. This option can be adjustable both horizontally and vertically.

Alternatively, full-length bunks that are known to provide maximum support and stability consist of aluminum extrusions that contour to your vessel. Since full-length bunks are covered in vinyl, they’re highly resistant to sand and debris adhesion. Moreover, offsetting bunks toward the pier allows for easier access.

Lastly, pontoon bunk or guide-in systems are a combination of bunks and guide-in systems that come in full-length and cradle varieties that are specifically designed for pontoons

Solar Panels

Take advantage of all that sun while your lift is outside all summer. Attaching one or more solar panels to your boat lift system’s corner post allows you to save on power costs for your boat lift and your vessel’s electrical systems. While the kit charges a battery in a battery tray, it can also directly charge the battery in your boat.

It’s important to note that your needs determine the battery and the solar panel wattage. If you have solar panels, you can keep your personal watercraft or 12v battery charged all summer.  

LED Floodlight Systems

Whether getting an early start or getting home late at night, scrambling around your boat lift in the dark can be challenging and even a safety hazard. For this reason, you’ll want to install LED floodlight systems when you need to get your boat on or off the lift system while it’s dark out.  

Since floodlights provide ample lighting, they provide convenience while allowing you to get on and off your boat safely. In addition, you can choose to integrate them into your boat lift’s electrical system. Furthermore, you can find floodlight systems with automatic shut-off features that prevent unnecessary battery drain. 


You’ll want a canopy kit consisting of a canopy frame, a canopy cover, and the posts that support it. Since this accessory sits in the boat lift, it protects your vessel from the sun, rain, birds, and more. Consider getting a canopy cubby if you want extra storage space between the canopy and your boat.

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