Whether fishing for fun or sport, having your own fishing boat allows you to explore new waterways, access a wide range of fishing spots, and enjoy the great outdoors in a new way. However, with the joy of owning a fishing boat comes the responsibility of storing and maintaining it. Besides protecting your vessel from damage, a boat lift in Melbourne prolongs its lifespan and makes it easier for you to clean and maintain your fishing boat. 

fishing rods on a fishing boat in need of a boat lift in melbourne

What Type of Boat Lift System Is the Best Choice for My Fishing Boat?

The right boat lift system helps keep your fishing boat in top condition. However, your best option will depend on various factors, including your vessel’s size and weight, the water conditions in your area, and the available space for the lift system.

Small Craft Boat Lift

A small craft boat lift is specifically designed for smaller boats weighing up to 4,000 lbs., such as a dinghy or skiff. Aside from being generally affordable, a small craft boat lift is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance.

Elevator Boat Lift

An elevator lift works best for areas with limited space, including small docks or marinas. It lifts your vessel out of the water and stores it vertically. You can choose to custom-design your elevator lift to meet your unique requirements. However, this option can be more expensive and require more maintenance than other lift designs.

Beamless Boat Lift

A beamless lift system could be your best bet if your fishing boat exceeds a small craft boat lift’s weight capacity. Since a beamless boat lift uses a hydraulic system to lift fishing boats out of the water, it’s ideal for areas with fluctuating water levels. Moreover, it allows you to lift your vessel up or down to accommodate changes in the water level because it doesn’t need any overhead beams or support structures. You can customize its design to fit your fishing boat’s specific needs.

Unlike traditional boat lift designs that require additional clearance above the water level,  this boat lift is ideal for areas with limited space because it allows for greater flexibility in the lift’s placement. In addition, a hydraulic beamless boat lift is generally more durable and long-lasting than other boat lifts. 

It can also handle heavier loads than other boat lift types, making it suitable for larger fishing boats. Experts recommend beamless boat lifts for larger vessels, such as center console or sport fishing boats.

Platform Boat Lift

With a platform boat lift system, you can quickly lift your vessel out of the water using a remote control and store it on a platform above the waterline. For this reason, it protects against the elements, including waves, tides, and storms. This protection is particularly important for fishing boats because these vessels can be more expensive to maintain and repair.

Since you can customize the platform to meet your boat’s shape and size, it ensures a secure fit and minimizes the risk of damage during the lifting process. Additionally, it’s typically easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance. Finally, a platform boat lift allows you to maximize the available space in a dock or marina.

fishing boat in need of a boat lift in melbourne

Looking for a Quality Boat Lift in Melbourne?

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