When people think about boat storage, several options, such as trailers and docks, come to mind. However, boat owners who want to keep their vessels in pristine condition decide to invest in an elevator lift in Miami. Besides offering convenience, installing a boat lift system ensures that your boat won’t be covered in slime or biological waste. If you’re looking to purchase a boat lift for your covered boat dock, we’ve compiled the most popular options to help you make an informed decision. 

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What Are the Most Popular Boat Lift Systems?

Platform Boat Lifts

It’s taken a long time, but you finally have the boat of your dreams. However, it’s proving challenging to keep it clean and safe. You don’t have the room for piling, the shoreline is rough, and there’s always the risk of a dangerous tide. In times like this, elevator lifts keep your boat safe and sound. 

Aside from doing an excellent job of keeping boats safe, platform lifts help keep the docks and boathouses clean. While the lift system’s mechanical components are kept under the decking, everything else is still above the water. Moreover, you can keep your platform boat lift components dry and out of the water even when the lift system is vertical. If you want to keep your vessel clean while ensuring easy access, installing a platform boat lift system might be your best decision. 

Beamless Boat Lifts

Why cover an impressive boat’s appealing contours with beams when you can show them off using beamless boat lifts? Besides ensuring that all eyes stay on your vessel while you’re keeping it above water, a beamless boat lift system offers safety, protection, and functionality. Your boat takes center stage because a beamless lift’s attractive and sleek design uses as few beams as possible. In addition, it makes getting on and off your boat easier for you and your passengers. 

Cradle Boat Lifts

Cradle boat lifts, sometimes called suspended lifts, come in free different varieties: boat house, pile mount, and hydraulic. This lift system is ideal if you have a covered boat dock. Furthermore, you can build a cradle lift as part of a steel-framed boat house building or into an existing boat dock construction.  

In most cases, these lifts feature stainless steel cables, cable winders, galvanized cradles, and a high-capacity motor that can tackle heavy-duty boat lifting. Besides being one of the most durable lift options, cradle boat lifts don’t require special maintenance and care.  

Elevator Boat Lifts

If you’re lucky enough to own the boat of your dreams but don’t have enough room for piling, or the shoreline is rough, you’ll want to protect your boat from dangerous tides. In such cases, an elevator lift would be your best option. 

Those who invest in an elevator boat lift will benefit from its versatility and quiet and smooth operation. You’ll be amazed how this system can fit into the most challenging scenarios. While you can mount it into pilings or a seawall, you can also keep it on a rocky rap. 

Before investing in an elevator boat lift, you must consider the size of your vessel and the environment. While single-track elevator lifts are perfect for smaller boats, the dual-track variety can lift vessels weighing up to 16,000 lbs. and tackle steep slopes for up to 35 weeks.

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