“I’ve been boating since I was born and will always be in the marine industry one way or another.” – Jeff Chisholm

Jeff Chisholm oversees purchasing and quality control for Hurricane Boat Lifts. We interviewed Jeff for our ongoing Employee Spotlight Series. When asked what he enjoys about his job, Jeff says, “I love the Marine Industry and look forward to every interaction with our contractors and other members of the Hurricane team.”

Jeff joined the Hurricane Boat Lifts team in May of 2021, and quickly took on a large and important role. His responsibilities include quality control, bunk board construction and management, managing the parts room, and making sure Hurricane Boat Lifts has the “correct parts and correct amounts.”

Before joining the Hurricane Boat Lifts team, Jeff sold them.  He is a marine industry veteran with nearly two decades of experience in various positions and companies. Jeff has worked as an installer, in sales, and as a general manager.

Jeff’s favorite Hurricane Boat Lifts product is the CAT5 Boat Lift. Jeff loves the ease of installation and quality of the lifts.

Outside of work, Jeff enjoys boating and fishing “any place on the coast.” Thank you to Dan for participating in the HBL Employee Spotlight Series, and for being a valuable member of our team!

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