With a growing list of official HBL Dealers building strong businesses throughout the Gulf Coast and West Coast and beyond, we’re taking time to celebrate a few of the companies, owners, and employees that make us thankful to have the best team of dealers in the country.
All Power Marine Boat Lifts & Docks has been an official partner of Hurricane Boat Lifts for over 10 years. We recently talked with Kyle Keiper, Owner and Operator of All Power Marine Boat Lifts & Docks.

All Power Marine Boat Lifts & Docks, based in Pompano Beach, offers boat lift and dock replacements, sales and repairs that meet and exceed the wants and needs of clients. Clients and projects include a wide range of marine vessels and applications and can assist owners with personal watercraft to businesses with medium to large yachts.

The choice to offer Hurricane Boat Lifts is a vote of confidence in the product lines and service of the company. When asked what separates Hurricane Boat Lifts from competitors, Kyle states three main advantages:
1. “The customer service and product simplicity.
2. A Reliable team that backs their product with fast turnaround.
3. Parts can be purchased directly from the manufacturer as other companies prohibit this.”

Kyle also says that Hurricane Boat Lifts offers a “good team, great product, reliable structure with professional welds, and seamless boat lifts.”

When comparing Hurricane Boat Lifts to competitors, Kyle points to several common issues with competitor lifts, including sharp edges, the difficulty in having them serviced, and prohibitive access to cables that are sometimes hiding.

When wrapping up our conversation, Kyle stressed that All Power Marine is looking forward to a strong 2024 and is excited to continue to grow his business while supporting the needs of local boaters. To inquire about Hurricane Boat Lifts from All Power Marine, contact their team at 954-632-1051.