“I would definitely recommend Hurricane Boat Lifts to other contractors in my area and others; this really is a great product.” – Harrison Erd

Hurricane Boat Lifts is proud of our growing list of trusted Boat Dealers. Dealers help us provide American-made, high-quality boat lifts to boaters throughout the Country. We started the HBL Dealer Spotlight Series to showcase the businesses of our partners while sharing their expertise, advice, and feedback with the community.

954 Boat Lifts Owner Harrison Erd joined us to share his experience as a Hurricane Boat Lifts Dealer. Harrison’s first experience with Hurricane Boat Lifts dates back seven years to 2016. After becoming familiar with Hurricane Lifts and impressed with their quality as an installer, Harrison signed on as an official Dealer three years ago.

“Hurricane is my favorite lift manufacture right now due to many factors,” says Harrison. Harrison points to the ease of installation, reliability, and speed as key reasons he prefers Hurricane Boat Lifts. “They also just look better than the other guys,” says Harrison.
One of the primary benefits of trusting your boat’s safety to a Hurricane lift system is the industry-leading warranty, and our history of standing behind every warranty. “Hurricane Boat Lifts have a great customer service team, and unlike some of (the) other companies we have worked with, do not fight tooth and nail over warranty claims,” says Harrison.
When asked about his favorite part of being a Hurricane Boat Lifts Dealer, Harrison says, “(It’s) definitely seeing how happy the customer is after we have lifted their boat on a brand new lift.”

About 954 Boat Lifts
954 Boat Lifts, located in and serving South Florida, is an authorized Hurricane Boat Lifts Dealer. 954 Boat Lifts offers responsive customer service and premium installation and maintenance services. The company focuses on providing five lifts, including the Elevator Lift, Motor Cradle Lift, and Post Cradle Lift. 954 Boat Lifts offers free quotes and can be contacted at 954-621-8027. Learn more about 954 Boat Lifts here.

Thank you to Harrison Erd and 954 Boat Lifts for participating in our Dealer Spotlight Series!

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