Getting yourself a boat lift is best if you want to preserve your boat’s look, performance, and value season after season. Whether you choose a beamless, cradle,  or elevator lift in West Palm Beach, you’ll want to ensure that the lift you purchase meets your needs. However, with so many options on the market, making a choice can be challenging.

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How to Choose the Right Boat Lift System That Meets Your Needs

Choose Between Manual and Electric

While some lift systems are manually operated with a spinner wheel, others have electric winches. For this reason, one of the first things you’ll want to consider is whether or not you need a manual or electric system.

Although manual boat lifts require minimal maintenance, you’ll have to power the spinner. Alternatively, electric boat lifts offer more convenience. However, they need a safe power source and more care. An electric lift is your best option if you’re not an expert at powering the spinner.

Check Your Boat’s Specs

Besides having maximum weight capacities, lift systems come in different sizes. Consequently, you’ll want to ensure that the lift you purchase can handle your vessel. Your vessel’s beam, length, and weight determine the lift that can handle your boat.

While It’s best to check your boat’s spec sheet for its dry weight, you’ll also need to consider the items you’ll haul out when using your boat. These include fresh water, gas, equipment, and other added weights. Furthermore, knowing if you have an inboard or outboard design allows you to determine the hull shape, beam dimensions, and where the engine’s weight will be.

If you’re in between sizes or planning on upgrading your vessel, you’ll want to get more weight capacity than you need.

Know the Water Depth

It’s worth noting that different boat lifts work in various water depths. Your water depth determines your need for accessories such as extension legs. Likewise, knowing how deep your water is can help you figure out whether you can put your unit in the water yourself.

A floating boat lift can be your best choice if your water is deep or its level fluctuates. However, if your water is shallow, you’ll want to know whether the lift cradle and bottom framework will work with the boat and the bottom of your water.

Look at the Warranty Offered

Aside from offering a minimum one-year warranty on the motor, a top-quality boat lift system provides a lifetime guarantee on its lift assembly.

Check the Pulleys

The boat’s weight stresses the lift assembly’s moving parts each time they’re used, causing friction. For instance, the lift’s internal parts will wear and tear if you lift a heavy boat. Choosing ball-bearing pulleys that are easier to turn is the best way to reduce the amount of friction and wear from each use.

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Looking for an Elevator Lift in West Palm Beach?

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