As a boat owner, you know from experience that quality matters.

When you were in the market for a new boat, if your only criteria was price, you would’ve ended up with a paddle boat or a plastic kayak. Whether you’re purchasing a sports car, luxury yacht, or having a boat lift installed, the quality of that product or service will have a major impact on your experiences.

Boat lifts should always be installed by a professional. Just as a paddle boat wouldn’t get you very far in the ocean, a poorly installed boat lift will also let you down.

Professional or DIY: What’s the Difference?
While it’s easy to see the difference between a high-performance sports car and an early 1990s sedan, recognizing the difference between a perfect and a faulty boat lift installation is challenging, if not impossible, to spot for = the untrained eye. The moment you realize your boat lift was poorly installed is usually the moment it fails.

Professional lift installers handle the entire boat lift installation process. Installers may also guide the purchasing process. After helping you choose the right manufacturer, lift style, and lift size, a professional boat lift installer will schedule and perform the installation to secure your lift to your dock, boat house, marina, etc.

Professional installers have training, experience, skills, tools, and the backing of their business. These factors play an important role in properly installing and providing boat lift maintenance and service to your lift. The difference between a professionally installed boat lift and a poorly installed boat lift could be the difference between a safe and secure boat and costly damage and months of boat repairs.

While the do-it-yourself approach or finding the lowest quote may save you money initially, cutting corners on the safety and future value of your boat can be an extremely costly mistake.

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