Installing a boat lift in Tampa is an excellent way to save money on boat storage. However, like other boat accessories, your lift system requires some good ol’ TLC, especially during winter. While Florida temperatures don’t get too low and many enjoy boating year-round, an occasional cold front can still bring freezing weather. Taking care of your lift will go a long way in preserving its components and ensuring its longevity.  

When spring arrives, you’ll want your boat and its lift system ready for your next boating adventure. For this reason, we’ve pulled together steps you’ll want to take to protect your boat lift in winter. 

Boat preparing for Boat Lift in Tampa

Winterizing Your Boat Lift: A Step-By-Step Guide

Take the Boat Lift Out of the Water

You need a good boat lift jack and wheel kit to do this. Once your boat lift is out of the water, perform a thorough inspection. Double-check if the parts are there and take note of the ones that need repairs or replacing. You want to ensure that your boat lift will remain in pristine condition once you take it out again for the boating season. 

Choose a Good Storage Location

When choosing a storage location for your boat lift, be sure to pick a flat and flood-free area. When water gets into the boat lift, it can damage certain parts, such as the engine. Additionally, if you have a canopy for your boat lift, install it away from trees so the branches don’t hit the canopy and your boat lift.  

Tie Your Floating Dock System

If you have a floating boat lift system, ensure that all the connections are secured. Winter storms can loosen some screws in the boat lift, compromising the entire structure’s integrity. As a result, your lift system could easily come apart and get carried along with the waves.  

Clean Your Lift Before the Off-Season Starts

Algae can cause several issues when it grows on your boat lift. Besides making your lift system slippery and dangerous to use, algae can cause it to become unbalanced, leading to structural damage or failure. Conversely, keeping your boat lift clean and algae-free protects its metal parts against corrosion and maximizes its lifespan.  

For this reason, experts recommend cleaning your boat lift before the off-season starts. While you’re at it, use a pressure washer and an algae-inhibiting product. You’ll also want to check the manufacturer’s recommendations for boat lift maintenance to ensure your system stays in good working order. 

Perform a Regular Off-Season Maintenance Check

You may have a regular maintenance check now and then. However, even if it’s not on schedule, it’s wise to do a thorough check-up on your boat lift before storing it and setting it up when boating season starts. 

Moreover, you’ll want to check your cables, bearings, rollers, and grease points. You can always hire a professional if you’re not confident about doing it yourself. Aside from being trained to catch issues you might have missed, these specialists can help you address them promptly to avoid expensive repairs in the future. 

Boat preparing for Boat Lift in Tampa

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