“I am in sales for Hurricane Boat Lifts, a manufacturer of the finest boat lifts in the world.”

Hurricane Boat Lifts is heading to the 2023 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS), October 25 – 29. One of six members of the HBL team that will join us in Booth 98 of the entranceway tent is Sales Representative Raymond French, who recently joined us for the HBL Employee Spotlight Series.
When a customer becomes an employee, it says a lot about their positive experiences and perception of the company. Before ever working for Hurricane Boat Lifts, Sales Representative Raymond French was a customer. “I own two Hurricane boat lifts, which is how this all started back in early 2000.” Raymond was at the Stuart Boat Show and instantly connected with HBL Founder Tracy Radcliff.

Raymond officially joined the team in 2011 and has been a versatile asset to HBL ever since. When asked to explain what Hurricane Boat Lifts provide to boaters, Ray says, “We manufacture boat lifts to lift boats out the water to prevent damage and hours of cleaning the boat…we help keep your bottom clean.” Maintaining a clean bottom protects and enhances performance while saving thousands of painting and additional maintenance costs.

Raymond’s responsibilities as a Sales Representative include maintaining dealer relationships, establishing new dealers, and managing sales. Ray says his favorite part is “Signing new dealers and face-to-face meetings with the dealer network.” He continues, saying that he always strives to provide “good service to dealers.”

When asked about his favorite project, Raymond says, “They are all my favorite projects as long as the customer is happy in the end.” Despite loving every successful project equally, one of Hurricane’s lift systems stands out from the rest for Ray. His favorite Hurricane Boat Lifts product is the CAT5 24,000-pound yacht lift. The lift’s ease of use, quality, and speed are the top reasons why this lift is unmatched for Ray. One of the above-mentioned CAT5 Cradle Lifts will be on display at the HBL FLIBS exhibit booth later this month.

Outside of his work and interactions with dealers, Ray enjoys exploring South Florida, boating, and playing golf.

We want to thank Ray for his valuable contributions, dedication to our mission, and for participating in the HBL Employee Spotlight Series.