Looking for a Lift?

Hurricane Boat Lifts’ systems blend quality, functionality, and style. All our products are manufactured here in the US. By operating our own CNC machine shop, welding shop, and lift assembly, the Hurricane Boat Lifts team controls every aspect of product design and the manufacturing process. This allows us to guarantee quality and provide an industry-leading warranty.

Need help making the right decision? We have you covered with endless boat lift options. Types of boat lifts available through Hurricane Boat Lifts include:

Small Craft Lift Systems

Beamless Lift Systems

Elevator Lift Systems

Platform Lift Systems

Cradle Lift Systems

Yacht Lift Systems

Boat House Lift Systems

Commercial Lift Systems

Commercial Marina Lift Systems

5 Valuable Benefits of Owning a Boat Lift

Boat Lift In Maitland, FL